Are You the Administrator of Your Windows XP?

Have you ever run into a situation where you had to sign in to your computer under the Administrator account? Certain programs require you to have Administrator rights before you can install anything to your PC. (

Let's say you just bought a new piece of software and when you go to install it, you're asked for your Administrator information. So, you log into your Administrator account, you install the software and everything is just peachy keen. But, what happens when you're done with the whole process? Did you remember to sign out of your Administrator account and go back to your normal PC mode? Are you unable to remember if you did it or not?

If you're not sure either way, there's a very easy way to check. All you have to do is right click on your Start button and check to see if the first option says Open or Open All Users. If you see Open All Users, that means you're still logged in under the Administrator account. If you just see Open, you're signed in under your limited account and that's the best place to be. This little trick helps when other people are using your computer as well. To make sure they're not changing your accounts around, do the quick right click and you'll be in the know again.


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