Are You a Yankee or a Rebel?

Has anyone ever told you that you sound like a hick when you talk? How could they say such a thing about your perfect speaking ability? You couldn't sound like a hick, or could you?

Thanks to the AlphaDictionary Southern Accent Test, you can finally put these rediculous comments to rest.

To find out how much Southern blood your speech shows, simply choose the words you use then press "Compute My Score!" at the end. alphaDictionary will compute your score and tell you where you're coming from: are y'all speaking Bubbaese or are youse guys Yankee Doodle Dandies? The higher your score, the deeper from the South you're from. The test is based on research by the Harvard Computer Society.

Before you choose your answer, it may be helpful to say the word or phrase out loud. When you select your answer, you'll notice in the text line beneath your choice that it will say where the dialect is from. When you've answered all twenty questions, click Compute My Score.

Now that you know how much or little of a Yankee you are, you have the option to take the Advanced version of the test. To do so, scroll down past your score into the "Did You like This Test"? area.

From there, you have the option to send the quiz to a friend (I mailed this off to my mom) or to take the Advanced Rebel-Yankee test. The other links in this area lead to further research, an interesting Glossary and the daily What's the Good Word feature where they take one word and tell you all about it and how to say it.

Are you a teacher or parent? You'll be happy to see links to dictionaries, crosswords, grammar, a language blog and other educational links on the test page. Please note that some of these sites may not be compatible with screen readers and screen magnification programs.

Click this link to find out if you are a Yankee or a Rebel.


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