Bigger Attachments with Gmail

Gmail, Google's email service, has added another feature and it has to do with attachments. If you like to send attachments like there's no tomorrow, you're going to love this.

Now, you can send attachments through Gmail that size all the way up to 20 MB! That's actually double what they've offered up until now. And not only can you send attachments this big, but you can receive them at that size as well. Simply amazing!

So, if you've ever had trouble sending large pictures, videos, documents, etc. to your friends and family members, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Any attachment up to the size of 20 MB will go through perfectly, even if you use Gmail with Outlook Express. Isn't it nice when an email service really gives you what you want? Gmail has yet to disappoint me, that's for sure. Give this a try today and make your Gmail space more useful than you ever thought possible!


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