Convert Blogs to Podcasts

Here are seven services that turn blogs and news feeds into audio files or podcasts.


Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device. Odiogo mobilizes your media, transforming textual content into audio formats downloadable directly to the PC, iPods/MP3 players and mobile phones!

  • High quality text-to-speech solutions
  • Smooth integration with your website
  • Optional end-to-end advertising system
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Flexible packaging options
  • Supports thousands of concurrent downloads
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VozMe converts typed text to speech producing an mp3 file. VozMe can also be added to your blog or website as well as your browser. Both male and female voices are provided and several languages are available. Templates and complete instructions are given for the major blogging platforms, just follow the instructions and your blog will be talking within minutes.

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If you can point to a Really Simple Syndication feed, it will convert it. can also provide you with a podcast of your favorite news sources, so you can have your own sort of radio newscasts downloaded to a portable player. is free if you listen to blogs that have arrangements with the service. A subscription plan is available if you want other blogs processed for playback.

Speakwire is offered by CEC Systems, whose primary business is Speegle (, a search service that speaks the results of Web searches.

Speakwire users can pick news feeds, collate them, and play them as a speaking newswire service. Speakwire news feeds by voice are available free at

AudioDizer uses AT&T's text-to-speech software to convert articles fed from newspaper and magazine Websites to MP3 files. The stories can be read by male or female voices in a variety of accents. AudioDizer can even add short music clips to turn a news story into a radio-style experience.

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The world's first "talking social news site" at is a free "new media" service that lets anyone with Internet access or an MP3 player listen to thousands of breaking text news and blog stories that they would otherwise have to read.

Throughout the day, the site's proprietary software scours the Internet for text stories matching each user's preferences. The site then converts text content to near-human sounding audio in real time, using text-to-speech technology similar to technology used in talking GPS navigation systems.

During the sign up process, users select their favorite topics from hundreds of text-based news and blog publishers to create a "personalized talking newspaper." For deep personalization, users can choose content from fifty-seven unique categories, including Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Colleges, Business, Visually Impaired and more.

Users with iPods, iPhones, Zunes and other MP3 players automatically receive fresh content matching their preferences every morning for listening on-the-go, whenever and wherever they desire, allowing users to stay current on their favorite news and blogs without being at a computer. The company believes this feature will appeal to people with active lifestyles and commuters.

The site also includes rich social media tools for users to rate, share and participate in the distribution of news and blog stories. With a single click, users can email audio versions of stories to friends, or post them to Facebook, Twitter, Digg,, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mixx, and other social sites.

The Fred's Head Companion has been added to the Visually Impaired catagory. If you have suggestions for this, or any catagory, email the feed name and RSS feed url to

Anyone with Internet access can sign up for the free service at

The Israeli based BNarrator gives your website a voice. The narration is implemented through a widget which you place on your site. After you place the widget on your web page(s), BNarrator is notified of new content and has its narrators work on your content. Once you approve the narration anyone will be able to listen to the link and they'll be able to grab the widget for their own site. There's also an RSS based widget for bloggers. For premium clients, BNarrator DailyCast plays multiple posts within one day; content can be played in sequence using the next and previous buttons, unavailable in other versions. Users will hear a brief ad before each narration begins, and they can choose to download them or listen to them on their mobile phones. Site owners can take a slice of the ad revenue, 30% with 5% going to support charities for the blind.

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