Terrestrial Invaders

Terrestrial Invaders is another take off the classic video game Space Invaders. This game includes several accessibility features that can be switched on and off, both off-line and on-the-fly, such as:

  1. Adjustable game speed.
  2. Adjustable size of all game graphics.
  3. Separately adjustable FX, music and speech volume.
  4. 2D sound for localizing objects on a 2D plane.
  5. Presentation of spatially localised captions using text and / or graphics for visualizing all game sounds.
  6. Reading aloud (for the visually impaired) and automatic scanning (for the motor-impaired) of the game menus.
  7. Two high contrast modes (bright graphics on dark background and the inverse).
  8. Two novel alternative types of audio descriptions that verbalise the relative position of attacking spaceships in relation to the player and warn for incoming fire.
  9. The option of using simple shapes (e.g., rectangles, ellipses) to render all graphic elements.
  10. Controls can also be redefined, but currently this can only be done by editing the respective XML level description files.

You can find more information about Terrestrial Invaders by clicking this link: http://ua-games.gr/ti.
The MS-Windows, Linux and Mac OS X versions of Terrestrial Invaders can be downloaded freely by clicking this link: http://ua-games.gr/ti/downloads.html.
If you try Terrestrial Invaders, please take the on-line survey and share with us your opinion and thoughts about it, it will not take more than 5 minutes. You will find the survey at: http://ua-games.gr/ti/feedback.html.


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