YouGetIt: a Search Engine with Local Results

Like most of the world, I use Google for most of my web searches. You can't get better results in my opinion. Others like Yahoo! I guess the only problem I have with these search engines is that it's difficult to search for something locally, like to find a pizza joint for example.

YouGetIt is a search engine that focuses on providing information you need from a local standpoint. So, the first thing you'll notice, if you can actually see the screen, is your zip code in the top left hand corner. If you want to change the zip code it has selected, just click the "Change Zip Code" link and type another one in. (I think the site goes by the closest big city to you, so if you live in a smaller town, suburb, etc., you may need to change it). Once you're all set with that, you can start searching.

The search box is located at the top of the page and beside that, you'll see a pull down menu of the different categories you can search under. Those include: Businesses, Information, People, Video, Classifieds, Jobs and Real Estate. You can choose a subject and then type in a few keywords to find what you're looking for. When you're ready for your results, just hit the Get it! button. For one of my searches, I chose Businesses and typed in "pizza." My results came back with several pizza restaurants located in my area. It didn't include pizza places from all over the country, just the ones in my city. How cool is that?!

Now, below the search box, there are several tabs that run across the page. Those are: News, Business, People, Classifieds, Coupons, Auctions, Events, Photos, Videos, Traffic and Talent. Just click on a tab to search in that field. For example, I chose to search under News. When I clicked on that, a long list of options came up. I could choose between top rated news, most views, recently added, etc. I clicked on recently added and a whole slew of news stories from my area popped up. So, instead of seeing all the world news, I was able to read about my city only. I love it!

You can customize all the information on the home page. You can design it so it's like your own little Web page with all the information included that you want shown. For example, on my page, I have Local News, Local Classifieds, Local Auctions and Local Events. If you mouse over any of the boxes on YouGetIt's Home page, your cursor will change so you can drag and drop those boxes anywhere on the page. So, if you want your news to be shown first, drag it up to the top. Once you experiment with it a little, you'll get the hang of it. I haven't tried this with all the screen readers, so I'm not sure of the compatibility there.

Now, YouGetIt is still in the beta form, so, if you run into some problems, don't panic, it's probably just a snag that the YouGetIt team is trying to smooth out. If you're having a lot of trouble, you can click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and send them your feedback. It's all done through email, but they seem to be good at getting back with you in a timely manner. If there are any accessibility issues with the site, now's the time to let them know.

You can access the YouGetIt search engine by visiting


Marc said…
To be fair, it is possible to enter your search keywords and your zip code or city name and get local results on Google and Yahoo. For example, one could type pizza 10024 and get local results for that zip code.

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