Craft Adaptations for Adults with Vision Impairments

People who have enjoyed making crafts at different times in their lives prior to vision loss may think they can no longer continue. Also, individuals who would like to begin making crafts for the first time may hesitate because of reduced vision. But we know, from years of teaching experience with individuals who have little or no sight, that it is very possible to continue the fun activity of craft-making. This book, with its extensive range of easy adaptations, will show you how it can be done!

This is the first publication in VisionAWARE's Independence! series. It contains 17 favorite crafts, along with detailed instructions and adaptions for crafters who are blind or have low vision. The contents have been field-tested for many years by Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and author Stephanie Stephens Van, a highly qualified and experienced vision rehabilitation professional. This updated and expanded large print (18 point APHont) version includes five additional crafts, and a new introduction, "hints" section, and resource list.

A complete Table of Contents is located on the VisionAWARE web site and includes previews of two sample crafts.

Click this link to learn more or purchase Craft Adaptations for Adults with Vision Impairments from the VisionAware website.


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