Paper Out!

By Chuck Ayers

I am certainly one dedicated to rational and thoughtful thinking. And, those of you who really know me surely respect my effort I spend in laboring with good reasoning and sound judgment. Nonetheless, A dedicated compulsion is what drives me to consider all angles while looking at each decision with a clear and unbiased mind. If I can possibly avoid making a wrong decision then I am the better for it.

I consider myself a keen observer of reality and usually learn how things work with relative ease. Witnessing what is normal and consistent is a clear indicator of how things should work. If I can observe a regular pattern and duplicate that, then that's how things should and can work. However, others, with an odd sense of correctness, go against the norm. Eccentric is the best way to describe them. Seemingly almost always going against the proverbial grain just to point out their own opinion or presents. No matter what is said or done, they will take issue with you and make you feel like you are the odd man(or woman) out.

Now, having traveled and been to various parts of this land of ours, I have seen how things are and how they should work. I have stayed in hotels, motels, and individuals homes. I've visited inside airports, train stations, bus stations, and lobbies of tall and short office building. I have also been inside gourmet restaurants, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and yes even port-a-potties and outhouses.

My observation is this. After observing bathroom after bathroom in every building setting, the answer is clearly without a doubt a unanimous conclusion. It is conclusive that professional housekeepers of restrooms and other lavatorial facilities always place the roll of toilet paper on its wall bracket with paper rolling outward. The reason I bring this to your attention, is there are a few dullards among us who insist installing the paper with paper rolling inward and away from the TP user. Certainly making it inconvenient to roll the paper with ease. Thus causing unnecessary consternation and suffering. Don't they know housekeeping professionals all over America place the toilet paper roll with tissue falling outward? Where did these contrarians receive their personal care education and toilet training? Who are these people anyway? They certainly must be socio/cultural misfits.

Me being an easy going guy and one to preserve consistency can certainly tell the difference between out and in. It's oh so obvious to the casual observer. Paper should roll out just as is done by professional housekeepers and janitorial staff.

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