Tips on Using and Reusing Old Dish Towels

  • When they get old and ratty, don't throw them away! Reuse old kitchen towels as cleaning cloths, cut the towels into sections, great for all-purpose cleaning and dusting.
  • Reuse old towels as cheap Swiffer Mop refills. When you're done, just shake the excess muck off, then throw the dirty cloth in the laundry.
  • Dish towels are also an easy alternative to a big, bulky dish drainer. Just put out a couple of tea towels on the countertop, and lay your dishes on them. Hang the cloth to dry when the dishes are finished drying.

If you're looking for a truly durable and absorbent dish towel, try using flour sack towels. Your mothers and grandmothers (or maybe you yourself) used these years ago from the actual flour sacks, but now these amazing towels come in fun patterns and colors. So you get the beauty of a funky towel, while actually getting a towel that dries properly. What a concept!


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