Tips to Prevent Child Drowning

Hanging out at the beach or the pool is a ton of fun, especially for kids. As the summer approaches, think of the following tips so you and your kids can play by the pool without worry:

  1. Never leave a child unattended or with a young sibling in a swimming pool, wading pool, bathtub or hot tub.
  2. Pools should be fenced and gated with self-locking gates.
  3. Always secure the safety cover on your spa or hot tub.
  4. Do not leave empty containers in yards or around the house where they may accumulate water and attract young children.
  5. Adults and teenagers age 14 and older who supervise children should know CPR. Studies have demonstrated that nearly drowned children given quick CPR suffered no brain damage.
  6. Children should be given swimming lessons but should not be considered water-safe until they are 14 years old.
  7. Keep small children out of bathrooms unless supervised by an adult or older child.
  8. Older children and even adults should not swim alone in the ocean or fast-moving rivers.
  9. Children should wear bright-colored flotation devices when boating.
  10. Don't mix alcohol, children and water.
Article Source:
UCLA emergency physicians


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