Convert PDF and MS-Word documents to Accessible Web Pages

RiverDocs Converter is a simple, user-friendly desktop application with a powerful analytical conversion engine capable of separating content from presentation and extracting the logical structure of source information. RiverDocs Converters (X)HTML output

  • complies with web accessibility (WCAG 1.0) standards
  • loads fast and needs no plug-in reader
  • can be read online as a single document
  • has a table of contents
  • can be previewed and edited on the Converter's WYSIWYG interface
  • can incorporate your own CSS stylesheet - or the Converter will generate one for you

Established in 2000, RiverDocs has research and development offices in both the UK and Ireland. RiverDocs also funds applied research at Queens University Belfast and is building relationships with other universities engaged in the fields of accessibility, artificial intelligence and character recognition. Working with AbilityNet, the UK's leading pan-disability technology charity, RiverDocs is committed to further extending the accessibility and usability performance of RiverDocs Converter.

To learn more, contact:
br> RiverDocs
Phone: + 353 1 453 4244
Fax: + 353 1 453 4211


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