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Rudy Sims has spent a decade blogging and over the past two years he's been putting together He was finding it difficult to find online resources for living with Cerebral Palsy and chronic pain. So he decided to provide a site for those looking for disability news or information about their own disabilities.

Rudy uses several search engines and more than 200 different news sources to find content to post on the site. Navigating it is like finding a treasure trove of news feeds all at once. Clear layout ensures you get right to where you want to be. Latest health items are on the main page. Then if you look at the links on the right, you'll find a huge spectrum of topics related to disability issues.

There are also links to separate blogs on specific conditions, all of which Rudy has created and updates himself. Each is like a specialist news feed in itself. "I love doing research and helping people. One of my biggest problems is I don't type very well due to my disability. "I have to get someone to type long responses, and that's why I don't write a lot on my blog. So the best way I can help others is to point them to helpful resources. "I have Cerebral Palsy and am dealing with chronic pain, but found it very difficult to find helpful information and resources. I wanted to provide a place where I could point people to information relevant to their disabilities."

"My website is what I do with my free time. It actually started ten years ago as a personal site I created when I was in high school. I then went to college for two years. My hope was to be a counselling psychologist, but due to chronic pain I had to drop out. "This is my full time job. As the site gets more popular I hope I can get people to add their own personal stories and experiences, which will hopefully help others. I am working on a personal blog to share my own experience and I hope to get my Mom to contribute her experience of raising three children with disabilities."

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