How About a Lift?

Lift, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation that qualifies, trains, hires, and places information technology professionals who have physical disabilities through contracts with major corporations who eventually hire them directly.

Lift combines specialized business experience in information technology with expertise at recruitment, assessment, and accommodation to give men and women who have disabilities a vocational lift.

Neither a traditional educational institution nor a job placement agency, Lift uniquely accomplishes the objectives of both. To its employees with disabilities, Lift offers opportunities for very rewarding careers. To its corporate clients, it provides a proven human resource development program for high performance professionals.

Lift has placed professionals in positions such as: programmer-analyst, systems-analyst, software engineer, business analyst, technical writer, technical specialist, network administrator, computer support specialist, data security specialist, database administrator, database manager, quality assurance specialist, CBT training developer, E-commerce specialist and website designer.

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