iZoom2Go: a Free Screen Magnification Program

License agreements preventing you from using software YOU own? Tired of installing your favorite magnifier over and over on different machines just to use it for a few minutes? Need an administrator to grant you access before you can install anything?

iZoom2Go is a truly portable access solution available on a USB drive. You simply plug it in and it starts up. No installation, no administrative access, no license agreements, no hassles. It simply works.

iZoom2Go possesses all the features of iZoom Standard and it's not locked down to a specific machine! You can attach it to your keychain and take it with you anywhere you go. All your settings are saved on the USB drive so you don't have to reconfigure it on every machine. It'll work on any Windows 2000/XP/Vista machine. So the next time you get on a computer at your library, your school, a friend's place, you can relax knowing that their machine isn't affected and you can use it as freely as you would your own.


  • 8 Different zoom modes: Full screen, lens, line, split screen, docked. You name it, iZoom's got all the zooming modes to make your computing experience easier.
  • Font smoothing: iZoom smooths all black text with any color background.
  • Focus Tracking: iZoom will follow the focus of the active item on your screen. For example, when you click the close button in MS Word without saving iZoom will automatically move towards the Save dialog which pops up.
  • Caret Tracking: While typing, iZoom will keep the screen in view so that you don't type off the screen. MS Office applications are supported as well.
  • Speech: iZoom will read out events that occur in the system. For example, when you click an icon or highlight an item in a menu box, it'll be spoken to you.
  • Color enhancements: iZoom can flip the colors on your screen, change brightness, contrast, saturation, replace colors..the works!
  • Mouse options: iZoom has a bunch of mouse options so you can see where you're pointing to. It even has various types of locators to show you where the mouse is.
  • Portability: iZoom is the only screen magnifier which can work from a website and is also available on a portable USB drive. Walk upto any Windows XP/Vista computer and start it up.
 To order iZoom2Go, click this link to visit the Issist Inc Online Store.
Click this link to visit http://www.issist.com website to download iZoom for free.


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