Little Known Facts

I'd like to welcome you to Little Known Facts, a radio show that features stories of Americana. Navigation is found on the side menu and it is easy to use. The sections are:

  • Little Known Facts Fun: In this section, you will find fun facts, games, stories and much more. Did you know that it is illegal to have your shoe untied as you walk down the sidewalk in Minnesota? Or that in Pennsylvania, it's illegal to buy alcohol without your wife's written consent?
  • Read Today's Story: Couldn't catch today's story on the radio? Well, have no fear, you can read it here! If you see the same story everyday, make sure you refresh the page to get the new one.
  • LFK in Your Area: Find out what station in your area plays the Little Known Facts stories. With over 500 radio stations playing the stories, you should be able to find one near you!
  • Listen to Today's Story: Here you can download today's story in an .MP3 format so you can listen to it on your computer.

If you'd like to receive Little Known Facts in your email, make sure you sign up for your subscription (it's all free!) in the Be a Business Whiz section.

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