Printing Email from Yahoo!

Have you ever needed to print an email to share with someone? Maybe you wanted to print a receipt for an online purchase? If you use Yahoo! for email, there's a quick and easy way to print your messages.

First, sign in to your Yahoo! account and open up the email you would like to print. It could be an email in your Inbox, one you sent to someone else or even one in your junk folder. Either way, open it up and, if you can see the screen, look to the top right hand corner of that message. There you will see a link that says Printable View.

If you click on that link, a new window will open that compacts your email down into an easier to print version. In that window, go up to the top right hand corner again and click on the Print link. That will send the e-mail to your printer and you can just click OK to print it like you normally would. When you're done, click the Close Window link and you'll be all set. You'll have a perfectly printed email and you can use it for whatever you'd like. I'm thinking of how cool this is for people who have braille embossors with built-in grade 2 translation, Yahoo!


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