BrainBoost: An Answer Engine for the Net

Question: What is the difference between a search engine and an answer engine?

Answer: A search engine (like Google, Yahoo!, etc.) will find Web pages that have your search term somewhere in their text. An answer engine will find Web pages that actually answer your question directly.

BrainBoost is an answer engine that I'd like to introduce you to. Once you've tried it, you may never want to go back to a normal search engine again.

All you have to do is type in your question in plain English and see what happens! There's no need for quotes or question marks.

If you have some vision, you'll notice that clicking on the "read more" button opens up the result Web page in a scrolling box on the BrainBoost page you are viewing at the time. That way, you don't have to hit the Back button to get back to the search page. How cool is that?! Speech users should click on the "Click here to open in new window" link to see the result page.

In a case where there are just a few answers to a question, BrainBoost will offer you some related questions that you might like to consider.

When you get the answers to your question, and you find one that's really good, please click the "was this answer helpful" link to make BrainBoost even smarter. If you want to know how BrainBoost works and how to use it to the max, click on the "How is BrainBoost different from other search engines?" link, which is located on the Home page. Then be sure to read the comprehensive description.

I would like to give a word of warning: BrainBoost is addictive! Once you start using it, it's very difficult to stop. You can spend several hours looking up the answers to questions you always wanted to know, so just watch yourself!

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