Crayola Audio Ruler

Assistive devices can come from the strangest places, but we certainly don't mind when a company comes out with a product that can be used by both the blind and the sighted. Imagine my surprise when I came across this little product from a crayon company.

Measure out loud with this incredible talking ruler! Great tool for the blind and low vision - especially handy for students. Measures up to one foot in eighth-inch increments. Just roll a line and listen to your measurement. Built-in speaker clearly announces distance measured in female voice. On/Off switch conserves battery life. Contains 3 non-replaceable button cell batteries. For ages 6 and up. Weighs: 1.5 oz.

Easy to use: Just flip open protective cover and slide switch down to turn unit on, place pen tip at start of measurement line, hold down button and "draw" line. Measurement wheel rolls keeping track of measurement. Release button and measurement will be read aloud. Ink marks the distance measured then disappears in a few minutes.

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