Fidelco Facts

Occasionally, I get inquiries about Fidelco and their German shepherd dog guides from orientation and mobility professionals as well as potential clients and their loved ones. While searching the net, I found Fidelco at a Glance, which contains some pertinent facts about the organization.

  1. Fidelco is New England's only guide dog school. They have clients in 32 states and four provinces in Canada.
  2. Fidelco is a 501 (c) (3) and 509 (a) (1) public charity.
  3. Fidelco is dedicated to promoting increased freedom and independence for people with visual disabilities by providing them with the highest quality German shepherd dog guides.
  4. The Fidelco shepherd is a "breed-within-a breed" with the physical structure and temperament best suited for guide work.
  5. Fidelco pioneered "In Community Placement" in the U.S. Through this process, clients are trained with their guide dogs in the communities where they live and work. In 2006, their instructor-trainers traveled more than 100,000 miles to conduct In-Community Placements and for client follow-up.
  6. Fidelco has more than 100 foster families who care for and socialize pups. This on-going program means that they can meet the ever-growing demand for dog guides.
  7. Nearly half the dogs placed each year are successor dogs; dogs that follow in the footsteps of recently retired Fidelco guides or dogs from other schools.
  8. Fidelco is an accredited member of the International Guide Dog Federation.
To learn more about Fidelco, please visit You'll find a wealth of current information on the organization including FidelcoNews", a quarterly newsletter. You can also sign up for "Fidelco on Command", a monthly e-newsletter. For a copy of "Share the Vision", Fidelco's new DVD, please email
If you have questions regarding our admissions process, please email


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