Print Speaking to the Blind

Print Speaking to the Blind is a podcast service enabling visually impaired people to download The Glasgow Herald, Sunday Herald, Evening Times, Scottish Sun, Radio Times Scotland, Inside Soap, Earth Matters, SFX, Star Trek, Empire and More magazines/ newspapers, all for a membership fee. Don't know about podcasting? No problem, the service is also available on cassette and compact disc.

New members will need a username and password to access all the features they offer. To pay your membership fee and to get details of how to use the service either follow the instructions on the podcast site, email or telephone 0141-563-0306. The membership form can be downloaded at For more information, contact:

Alastair C McPhee
Managing Editor
Cue and Review Recording Service
Crowhill Business Centre
18 Crowhill Road
Phone: 0141-563-0306


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