Scattered Crowns: Tactile Attribute Game

Scattered Crowns: Tactile Attribute Game is a fun, versatile board game that encourages young children, especially those with visual impairments and blindness, to develop tactile skills. As players search for crowns with specific attributes-band texture (smooth, rough, or striped), number of jewels (1, 2, or 3), and number of points (3, 4, or 5)-they will practice:
  • Texture/shape/size discrimination
  • Tactile memory
  • Systematic searching skills
  • Spatial concepts (left, right, above, below, row, column, etc.)
Other concepts and skills practiced during game play include counting skills, turn-taking, sorting/organizing, and social interaction skills. The game is conducive to playing classic "Concentration" games using the crown pieces or user-constructed matching game pieces (e.g., basic shapes, braille words/letters, etc.).
  • Visual/tactile game board
  • Crown game pieces (set of 54)
  • 3-part attribute roller
  • Single attribute rollers (point, band texture, and jewel)
  • Masking overlays (set of 30)
  • Crown collectors (set of 4)
  • Print/braille game instructions
  • Hook material circles for attaching to the crown pieces and masking overlays.
  • Box with carrying handle
Recommended Ages: 5 and older
WARNING: Choking Hazard-Small Parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

Scattered Crowns: Tactile Attribute Game:
Catalog Number: 1-08462-00
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