Audio Book Clubs, Are they the Right Choice for you?

By Pete Markovic

Audio Books

Audio books or "digital books" are a modern alternative for traditional paper books. They are a great source of spoken entertainment, education and information. The attractive feature offered by audio books is they allow you to listen to almost any book of your choice while pursuing another interest. For example some of the more common activities include commuting, walking, driving, cycling, gardening, cooking and much more!

Audio books include the digitized versions of magazines, original TV and radio programs as well as all the genres normally available for paper books. Theses include all the popular audio fiction book titles, non fiction, science fiction, mysteries and autobiographies.

Club Subscriptions

There are many options available for obtaining your audio books; one very popular such method for regular audio book listeners is to subscribe to an audiobook club. Clubs are a monthly subscription based system of procuring audio books on a regular and rotating basis, not dissimilar to a video or DVD rental club that so many of us are already accustomed too.

Audio book Clubs offer various subscription plans that are designed to suit most users simply pick a suitable plan that fits your needs, create a list of titles you would like to listen too and you're done! Of course you may rest easy in the knowledge that you may change or cancel your subscription at will with out any penalty's or charges at any time!

One of the many advantages to be enjoyed by subscribing to a club is they are a very cost effective method of accessing all the latest audio book titles with out the need to purchase. The system is well thought out and automated, simply pick your choices ahead of time and the priority you would like to receive them in.

By choosing to rent audio book titles by subscribing as a club member will ensure you always have a supply of your favourite audio books on hand.

Decide whether you would prefer to have them sent to you as an audio book on cd or download the audio content directly to your personal computer or Mac; it is a then a simple procedure to transfer the audio to an MP3 player or personal digital assistant (PDA) for listening to any time or anywhere at your convenience. Of course your digital entertainment centre is ideal for listening to you audio books at home.

Download or Ship

Personal preference will dictate the appropriate means of having your audio books delivered to you.

  1. Shipped to you on Compact Disc is an option that suits many people as there is no need to download and burn the digital file yourself. Compact disc players are still currently a very popular listening device for the car, home and portable players.

  2. Downloading gives you the flexibility in regards to which format to download your audio book in, as there a varying types to suit most playback media and a simple conversion process to make the file suitable for use in various types of devices.

One of the many benefits of downloading is that there is no waiting period before you are able to listen to your new audio book. Note: The digital file is encrypted and will time expire at a predetermined time.

Free Trial

In either case, most reputable merchants offer an incentive to encourage you to try the system; this will ensure that subscribing to an audio book rental service is for you.

In some cases merchants will offer either 2 free audio book titles or a 15 day free trial period for subscribing. If for any reason you wish to cancel, then you may do so free of any charges or penalties.

Subscribing to an audio book club is a very economical way of ensuring that you will have a plentiful supply of audio books on hand with a minimum of fuss.

Audio books should be part of every ones "Sight and Sound" collection!



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