MoveIt2 That Folder for Me

I download a ton of stuff: movies, music, software, documents. I spend a lot of time selecting which folder to store the various files in. You know, you put the music files in the My Music folder, the documents in the My Documents folder, etc. MoveIt2 is a free program that helps keep all this stuff organized, without needing to specify a location every time I download something.

With MoveIt2 running in the background, I can automatically move music files to one of my music library folders, TXT files to the place where I store electronic documents and movies to the place where I like to keep videos, without ever manually intervening in the process. If you run an FTP site, MoveIt2 is even more useful because you can have people upload files to a common location and MoveIt2 will automatically sort them based on certain criteria (of course, this assumes your FTP server is running Windows).

The free version supports 5 simultaneous watched actions, which for a single user is likely more than enough. For complicated file moving rules, a pay version of the software supports unlimited manipulations.

Click this link to download MoveIt2.


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