Vision Impairment in Children Website

This website, sponsored by Comeunity Parenting Support: is a great resource for information about blindness as it relates to children. The site features a section of Books for Parents of Children with Vision Impairment and lots of Vision Impairment Resources.

Vision impairment is one of the more common long term impacts of prematurity. Many children born prematurely experience ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) during their hospital stay. As they mature, myopia, amblyopia and more severe vision impairment (including blindness) occur in many children born premature. Children at risk due to ROP or who have visual disability should be followed by a children's opthomologist throughout their lives. To learn more, click this link to visit the Vision Impairment in Children website at

For general articles and Resources for Parents of Children with Disabilities and Special Needs, click this link to visit


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