Be the DJ at is an accessible, free digital radio offering over 500,000 tracks of CD-quality music in over 100 genres and 350 channels, covering more than a century of music, and streams secure MP3s at 320kb/s.'s website boasts customizable website styles and streamlined player skins. Users can mix and match their Bluebeat page and player to suit their taste with selections like the refined "Blues In Orbit" or the quirky "Tiki Lounge." Also added is a personalized history of the songs, albums, and channels users hear, as well as postings of the latest music updates. In order to stay connected and attentive to their listeners, has also developed public forums for music discussions and channel requests. maintains its easy navigation: listeners simply choose between the Time Machine, musical history organized by genre and decade, and the Killer Playlists, such as the popular "1 Hit Wonders" and the eclectic "BlueBeat Cafe." Guests looking for information about specific artists or albums will find it a click away via BlueBeat's powerful search feature or the extended biographical and historical vignettes. Others will appreciate BlueBeat's Roll the Dice feature, which delivers a channel based on artist, album or genre choice.

Don't like what you hear? You can change that by creating your own station with three hours of music that you choose, you can even add your station to your personal website. invites everyone with a taste for music to visit and sign up for a free account.


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