It's a Library Thing

Have you ever bought a book only to find that you already had a copy? Or, have you been in a book store or library at any time, looking through books and wondering if you already had copies of the same titles at home? Or maybe you took all afternoon to look for a particular cookbook that you know was around there somewhere?

If any of those things have happened to you, or if you just like to be organized, Library Thing is for you.

Library Thing makes it easy to enter all of the books in your library and keep track of them. You can enter books by author, title or the ISBN. The site keeps track of your inventory for you.

There are some extra features, which are really nice. You can search your books, sort your books or edit the book information. view your list online of course, or view your catalogue on your notetaker, which could come in really handy when you are out at the store or library.

Library Thing is also a community, linking you with others who share your book interests and providing forums to chat. Algorithms are in place, so Library Thing can give you book recommendations based on what you already have in your catalogue of books.

Library Thing is free to users who register, at least for the basic service. You still get all of the standard features, but you are limited to listing 200 books. If your collection is larger than that, you'll need to pay a $10 fee for the year, or $25 for a lifetime membership.

To visit Library Thing, click this link:


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