Christmas Music on the Web

What if you could have an endless supply of great holiday music all day long without having to change a CD or cue up a playlist? Thanks to the Internet and AccurRadio, you can! There are several channels that stream music to fill your home with the festivities of the season.

To get to AccuRadio's Holiday music, click this link: You will be greeted with a choice of holiday music genres. You can pick everything from Jazz to Christian to Pop and more. I started out with "Old Fashioned," to bring back the memories of my parents Dean Martin Christmas albums. I think my favorite section, though, is the one called "Seasons Greetings." This is the main channel and features the best music from all of the other channels. With each channel, you can deselect artists that you would like to avoid. So if Burl Ives annoys you, just delete him from the list.

To get your holiday music started, just click on your favorite section. An ad will pop up before your music loads. Clicking on the add will support the website but not affect your music.

For those who use screen readers, there are some graphics at the top of the page, just arrow down and you'll find the links you need to start listening to the various stations. When you choose a station, a new window will open and the stream will start. While the stream is active, the links to control what's playing are at the bottom of the page.


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