Digiscribble Hand Written Notes to MS-Word Documents

College students, just think of the possibilities! For the first time, handwritten notes, maps, sketches and signatures can all be captured remotely using a normal ink filled pen. Save them to your PC and then convert them to typed text and copy or import into MS Office applications like Word and Outlook. When connected digiscribble also has mouse functionality and you can use it with the 'digital inking' and 'tablet PC' features included with MS Vista.

Digiscribble works in 2 modes:

Pen Mode: As well as capturing your notes remotely away from your PC or notebook when connected digiscribble captures natural handwriting onto a PC or notebook in real time. Once you have captured & saved your notes in the note manager software included you can back up your notes and recycle your paper. Your notes can then be edited and converted to editable typed text with the MyScript recognition software included. They can then be exported straight into MS Word or Outlook or copied to any application. The MyScript software can even learn your handwriting and allows you to create your own handwriting profile & dictionary.

Mouse Mode: Mouse Mode turns the digiscribble into a mouse with hovering and 2 button functionality. In Mouse mode you can write directly into Windows Journal, and other Tablet PC applications such as MS OneNote, MSN Messenger, MS Outlook and snipping tool. When connected mouse mode speeds up the whole process of capturing your notes by switching effortlessly between pen & mouse mode. If you have Vista you have the extra feature of the 'digital ink handwriting software' feature included in MS Office, where you can handwrite directly onto office applications like MS Word & Windows Journal.

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP4), XP (SP2) or Vista, 50Mb HD space, Min 32Mb RAM, Min 16 bit colour, 800 x 600 screen resolution, USB Port, and Internet explorer.

Click this link to learn more or purchase digiscribble from ScanningPens.co.uk.


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