Accessible Christmas Carols

Christmas comes but once a year, and it never fails, someone will invite you to go caroling! You're blind, so naturally, you know how to sing and you have perfect pitch, right?

We've all heard the same Christmas carols for years, but we don't always know the words. How embarrassing it is to be in a crowd of friends and not know the words! Even worse, having to ask someone to write them out in a Word document so you can braille them before you leave.

At, you'll not only find the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carols, but each page has a midi of the song so that you can sing a-long! Copy and paste the words into a document for later braille translating and do a little practice before your friends arive.

Some of the pages have an iPod Nano ad on them that has sound, but if you click the Sound Off button in the right corner of the ad, you can listen to your music with no interruptions. With well over 50 Christmas carols, it is well worth it!

I hope you enjoy these Christmas carols as much as I did. This is a great way to sing Christmas carols with your family all gathered around you this holiday season. Enjoy!

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