Too Cold to Use a Cane? Not with This Tip!

I have to thank Carolyn Neifert, a reader of Fred's Head for this tip. She emailed me, wanting to know if I had written a tip about using an ice scraper to keep the hand warm while holding a cane in winter.
It turned out that I hadn't written the article, but she found it in the MDE-LIO (Michigan Department of Education - Low Incidence Outreach) November 2007 Newsletter. It's a great tip, so I had to share it with all of you. Here it is, exactly as they printed it:

Winter Orientation and Mobility Tip

Cane mittens can be made or purchased but here's a quick fix for those cold winter lessons. Using a car ice scraper that comes with a mitt, remove the scraper and the cane can be inserted in the opening. The mitt will offer additional protection for the hand while using the cane. The mitt is a one size fits all with elastic at the top to hold it in place. A glove can be worn on the hand for additional warmth before inserting in the mitt. The car ice scraper is available in many stores including some dollar stores. (One was purchased this season at Dollar Tree).
Carolyn says, "I haven't tried it yet, and I may make some changes like adding hook/loop material or snaps so it can attach to the cuff of the coat, and be one less thing to have to keep track of. I think it will come in handy when someone doesn't want to take the time to put on gloves or mittens, but still have a warm cane hand for short periods of being outside, like going from the school bus into school, or from the car to the store, or out to the mailbox".
Thanks for the great tip Carolyn, and for researching the article for us.


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