Fastest, Simplest, Most Accessible Dictionary Online

Ninjas are three things:

  1. They're smart
  2. They're accurate
  3. They're really fast

Combine the lightning fast reflexes of ninja with the vast information of a dictionary and what do you get? NinjaWords. This is an online dictionary which outperforms the rest. Your usual dictionary floods you with ads and a bunch of stuff, everything besides a definition, which probably doesn't interest you in the very least. What's more you can't look up different words on one page, you have to redo your search or open a new page, what a pain with a screen reader.

Ninja Words allows you to look up multiple words in the same search, separated by commas, and in the url, just type them in the address bar. It comes with a spell check and for those who need to boost their vocab, you can aggregate words into a list, bookmark or send it to your word-challenged friends. NinjaWords can also be added to your Firefox and IE toolbars.

Click this link to use the power of a ninja to look up your next words at


Here's another incredibly fast online dictionary. It only takes a few seconds to lookup a word and its very accessible.

Click this link to visit


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