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What's it like to have an educational wizard by your side? Smart, very smart. Eduwizards is a place for students who need a little extra guidance in school.

With Eduwizards, you can choose from a host of qualified tutors in a range of different subjects from kindergarten to college. Eduwizards tutors are not your average tutors either. They're ranked and reviewed by students who use them and most of them hold advanced degrees. This way, students can choose the tutor that's right for them. You can sort your wizard search by grade level, subject area and specific subject, or by feedback and hourly rate. Tutoring works on a one-on-one online basis. Simply check the tutor's available times and schedule an appointment.

"Our website features the world's best tutors, ranked and reviewed by students. To get a feel for our site do a Tutor Search by selecting your Grade Level, then the general Subject Area, and finally the Specific Subject. You will see tutors with profile and other information, and as time goes on, you'll see more and more tutors, with individual feedback by students.

As a student you can create a Free Account and take absolutely free, no strings attached, half hour trial sessions with tutor(s) of your choice."

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Tutoring for the Blind

Portal Tutoring offers individualized tutoring in using adaptive computers, braille and specialized equipment for the blind and visually impaired, as well as pamphlets, books and audio classes on these same subjects. In addition, they now offer a program designed to teach basic writing skills for all students from age ten and up.

For more information, visit or call 585-244-0477. For a product list, or to discuss your training needs, click this link to email


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