Buy or Post Your Unpublished Books at is a site devoted to those who share a passion for books, and acts as a place to bring unpublished writers together with interested readers. The site includes works of fiction and non-fiction, as well as plays and scripts. Book prices start at $2.50, and increases as a book becomes more popular (as indicated by sales on Book Habit). Authors pay nothing to add their books to the site, and receive 40% of the sale price. Once you download a book, you can enjoy it on your computer, mobile phone, PDA, or ereader. Books are downloaded in the PDF format.

For readers, the site provides a place to explore undiscovered authors or find books on niche or specialty subjects not typically published or promoted by mainstream publishing companies. User reviews provide a means to share your opinion, as well as to learn what others thought of a book before you purchase it.

Authors may benefit from constructive user criticism, and can use the site to gain visibility or sales figures that may help them get published. There are also discussion forums and links for authors to seek insight from professional editors, or professional oration services to turn their work into an audio book. Authors can also create a widget to promote their book across the web.

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