Create Personal RSS Feed without a Blog

RSS feeds disseminate information, headlines, updates, articles etc, from blogs and news sites. They give you a daily dose of news, culture, sports, recipes, it's your choice what you want to be fed. To create a feed, you had to have a blog or website.

Now, there's FeedXS, a Netherlands based feeder that lets you publish feeds without a website or blog. It's incredibly simple to use. Just create an account on FeedXS. Then make up a name for your feed and start adding articles. Anyone who has a feedreader can get your feeds once they subscribe. You can even post feeds directly from MSN messenger. Think of it as the purest form of feed broadcasting, no strings attached.

The goal of is to supply millions of people and businesses with their own feed. People who use have an easy way to inform friends or clients about their news. No need to send email, just update the feed, and that's it!

Click this link to create your own RSS feed at


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