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Listen to your favorite blogs using BlogBard, an online application which gives blogs a voice. This means of course, that you can multitask while listening to your blog roll, and you can take your blogs with you on the go. With BlogBard you'll have your own personalized audio station. You can listen to blogs in your Google Reader or Bloglines account, by logging in through BlogBard. If you don't see your favorite blog, simply type in the URL or RSS feed URL of the blog in the search box. You can also subscribe to blogs from the site itself. For publishers, BlogBard offers an embeddable Flash widget, adding audio to their blogs.

For people who use screen readers, this site is not as friendly as it could be. You can't access the Flash player to control the reading. Once a feed is entered and the reading starts, the only option you have is to sit back and wait until it finishes. Low vision users should have no problems with the site.

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