Put That in my DropBox Please

I've used all kinds of file-sharing programs, some primarily handle a particular type of file such as Hello the image sharing program, or Grouper used for sending huge files back and forth. Well this program also allows the sharing of files, and like the others, this has its own features and attributes, some of which are quite impressive. The best feature of all is that the program is totally accessible.

Dropbox is a good way to share files with students, friends, parents or coworkers. Dropbox is particularly useful for sharing large files like MP3s or slide shows. Rather than mass emailing an attachment you can share a file through Dropbox and save space in your email application. Using Dropbox, you can access and work on files from any Internet-connected computer and all files/folders stay up-to-date. Files can also be downloaded through a web interface, even deleted files can immediately be retrieved.

Click this link to learn more about DropBox.


Forward any attachment to free web service Habalis and it'll show up in your Dropbox folder (the free file-syncing service) within a few seconds.

The service is pretty simple to set up. You have to authorize it to access your Dropbox account, where it creates a shared folder. It then gives you a unique email address you can forward attachments to (I'd recommend adding this one to your contacts if you plan to use it much). You compose and send an email to the service, and, depending on the size of the file, it'll show up in your Dropbox folder in short order.

Click this link to get started with http://www.gethabilis.com.


AirDropper lets Dropbox users send a request for files to anyone, even if the person doesn't have a Dropbox account. The person you're requesting the files from just needs an email address or some other means for you to send them the secure upload link they provide.

Using the service is simple. First you connect AirDropper to your Dropbox account. Then you fill out a request form with a description of the files you want and how you want to send the request, whether by email or by using a secure upload link. Once the person you're requesting the files from visits the secure page and uploads the files, they are immediately put in a subfolder called "AirDropper" within your Dropbox. Simple for everybody!

AirDropper has several benefits over other ways to transfer files. Most importantly, AirDropper makes the process very easy for the person sending the files. The sender just has to visit the secure link and upload the files. Any files sent through AirDropper are secure from the sender's computer to your Dropbox. They can also handle files that are too big to send as email attachments. Plus you get all the benefits of using Dropbox for files you receive, including automatic syncing and backups.

Click this link to visit https://www.airdropper.com.


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