SusieSays Let's Go Shopping! is your guide to shopping. It is always better to go shopping with a friend so bring Susie along. Susie is that friend who helps you find all of those bargains. is a site that helps users with online shopping, from coupons to shopping tips. All of the content on the site is well organized into clear categories, from home and garden to kids clothing. Once you choose a category, there are sub categories like sizes and types of clothing. also has price ranges so you can search for items within your budget. The items on sale have a photo and a brief description of the item along with the brand logo. You can also use the key word search to find the coupons you are looking for. Using the coupons is simple, either click on them to check out or copy the code at check out and paste in the appropriate place.

A unique aspect of the site, separating from the competitors, is when visitors comparison shop, they offer the option of checking for any additional promotional offers, such as discounts, coupons or free shipping, to help save even more. can help you shop online and save money.


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