Audible for Kids

Remember Reading Rainbow? It was great, educational, and filled with all kinds of book-loving goodness. We all loved that blind guy from Star Trek letting us in on books like Amelia Bedelia and Where The Wild Things Are. Even the old school graphics and jingle were so catchy and cool, you'd have to stop yourself from singing it in the bath.

Nowadays, it seems like reading went the way of the dinosaurs. Dead, gone, rare at best. Luckily, there's AudibleKids. If you're familiar with, the site that provides audible books for users everywhere, then you'll get the idea of AudibleKids. It's the kid-sized version of Audible, the Reading Rainbow for the 2000s.

Parents can create profiles for their kids and set content controls. Profiles will show what you've downloaded and acts as a way to network and get to know other audiophiles. Audio books are search by age group, keyword, award winners, etc. Once you've downloaded the software, you can listen to the audiobooks on your device of choice. To whet your child's reading appetite, there's a nice selection of free books to download.

AudibleKids is an engaging, interactive community of parents, their kids, and educators that promotes the fun of storytelling through audiobooks. Listen to books, read and post reviews and share your favorites with others.

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