MaximEyes Video Magnifier

Photo of the revised MaximEyes unit showing the corded Pentracker and the joystick controller

The newly upgraded MaximEyes Video Magnifier from EITAC Solutions Group is offered exclusively by APH. It offers access to printed materials, multimedia, as well as improved productivity. With up to 60X magnification, you are able to display an enlarged view of materials placed on the work surface. A new, larger 22-inch widescreen display provides a clear image for reading and writing.

The improved MaximEyes has a unique interface that uses a new joystick controller that replaces the mouse from the previous model. You can manipulate the optional camera in any direction, zoom in or out, or control any of the wide variety of features.

With an optional Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera, not available from APH, you can see information such as a lecturer being presented in the distance. Three inputs allow connection to other media sources, such as a VCR, DVD player, or compatible computers.


  • Corded PenTracker for improved writing capability
  • NEW! Improved design
  • New! AutoTrack™ reading feature, no x-y table
  • Access to remote audio-video presentations through the provided inputs
  • NEW! Quieter motion control system
  • NEW! Better lighting


  • NEW! Larger 22-inch widescreen display
  • Up to three additional video and one audio input
  • NEW! Joystick controller for easy control of camera movement, magnification, and more
  • Unique PenTracker technology, includes one corded PenTracker
  • NEW! SMALLER BASE: Base of unit measures 17" wide by 15 1/2" deep -- requires less space than other CCTVs that require a moveable x-y table
  • Can utilize an optional Sony® EVI-D70 Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera (available from commercial vendors)
  • One year limited warranty (optional extended warranty available)
MaximEyes Video Magnifier Unit:
Catalog Number: 1-03915-01

Optional Extended Warranty (extends the included one-year warranty for an additional year, giving you two years total. Must be ordered within 60 days of the date your product was shipped):
Catalog Number: 1-03918-00

Replacement PenTracker™, Corded:
Catalog Number: 1-03917-00

Joystick Controller:
Catalog Number: 1-03914-01

PenTracker, Cordless:
Catalog Number: 1-03916-00
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UPS shipping fee added to all orders within the contiguous U.S. All other shipments will include actual shipping rates based on the point of destination.

NOTE: MaximEyes™ Video Magnifier, extended warranty, replacement PenTracker™, and freight & insurance delivery ARE available for purchase with Quota funds.

MaximEyes™ and PenTracker™ are trademarked products of EITAC Solutions Group, LLC in West Lafayette, Indiana.

MaximEyes Helps Real Students in the Classroom

Emily Eagle smiles as she tries out her new MaximEyes Video Magnifier. Emily is a 5th grade student in Texas.

Here's a heartfelt letter from student Emily's mother, Sue Eagle, shortly after Emily received the MaximEyes Video Magnifier from APH.

My daughter, Emily, is a proud user of the MaximEyes CCTV. We are just so impressed with your product! The technology and ease of use far surpasses our wildest dreams, and Emily has just blossomed since getting the MaximEyes in her classroom. All we can say is, "Oh my goodness!" We were blown away and know that this [the remote camera] will only help Emily feel more immersed in her classroom and see things all the other kids can see like posters and even what the teacher writes on the board or [what is on the] overhead projector, things she could not see before. Emily is a bright young lady and the MaximEyes with the camera now gives her all the tools she needs to excel even more to get the most out of her school experience. She now truly feels like she is a part of the class and not on the outside "looking" in. ...Your life's work is opening up the world to a sweet young lady and we truly appreciate you and your company...from the bottom of our hearts. I have attached a photo of Emily [using] her MaximEyes and you can see the joy on her face!

Additional MaximEyes Information for Trustees

American Printing House for the Blind, Inc.
1839 Frankfort Avenue
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6085
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085
Toll Free: 800-223-1839
Phone: 502-895-2405
Fax: 502-899-2274
Web site:

Sony EVI-D70 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera:
Optional Accessory for MaximEyes Video Magnifier

One of the most exciting optional accessories for use with the MaximEyes Video Magnifier is the SONY® EVI-D70 pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera. This is the only external camera that works with the MaximEyes. The camera allows the MaximEyes user to access picture-in-picture features to:

  • View the teacher and read a textbook at the same time
  • View the blackboard and a worksheet at the same time
  • View a video or PowerPoint® and a paper document at the same time, etc.

The Sony EVI-D70 pan-tilt-zoom camera is also ideal for applications such as videoconferencing, distance learning, and internet communications -- just about any application that requires a high-quality color video camera with remote pan-tilt-zoom. The hands-free PTZ camera combines a high-speed, quiet pan-tilt motor with a wide-angle view and 40x zoom (10x optical + 4x digital). It has innovative features such as auto focus, auto white balance, and automatic exposure control to keep the video image sharp when the camera changes positions.

APH does not sell the Sony EVI-D70 pan-tilt-zoom camera. Listed below are several websites that carry this camera. Prices vary. APH does not endorse any particular vendor.

There are other vendors, not listed, who sell this product as well. If you make a purchase from a vendor and you have a positive experience, we at APH would appreciate it if you would share the vendor's name and product price with us.


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