A Unique Luggage and Recovery Service

Luckily, (knock on wood) I've been very lucky in my travels through airports so far: the one time my luggage was misplaced, the airline found and delivered it to my door the very next day. But that experience was enough of a scare for me to relate to the thirty-seven million people who lose their luggage every year, and never get it back. Now, there's a solution to this problem that works with existing databases and websites to keep you and your luggage together.

TRACE ME Luggage Tracker provides you with a strong, durable airline approved tag for your luggage, that has a unique serial number and 2D bar code ensuring your suitcase can always be identified and returned to you. Tags are suitable for all types of luggage including briefcases, laptop bags and is ideal for all members of the family.

Your personal details do not appear on the tag, your identity is safely and securely stored on Immobilise.com, a database genuinely used by law enforcement agencies, major lost property services as well as airport baggage handling organisations across the globe to return lost luggage.

The effectiveness of the tag is not limited to air travel. The tough TRACE ME tag provides train operators, the police, lost property services and even local transport companies with the facility to securely identify your luggage and immediately notify you how to retrieve it from anywhere in the world.

Each customer has a personal online account with Immobilise.com for updating change of address, telephone and email details. Never write your name on a flimsy old paper tag ever again.

Click this link to learn more about the Trace Me Luggage Tracker system.

Lost and Found Sound Tag

The Lost and found sound tag ensures luggage doesn't get lost by letting you record a twenty-second message of important information like phone number, address or hotel name for fast identification. The bold color and shape are easy to identify in a carousel of similar suitcases. Three batteries included. 2 1/4 x 3".

Click this link to purchase the Lost and Found Sound Tag from Taylor Gifts.


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