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100 Best Resources and Guides for ESL Teachers

Teaching ESL requires a lot of creativity. Students can range from tiny tots to adults, and their skill level can be very experienced or at the basic level. With all these variables, teaching ESL can be challenging, so this list By Alisa Miller offers 100 of the best resources and guides to help you be the best teacher you can be.

Whether you are teaching ESL in a public school in Peoria or a classroom in Kyoto, you will find tons of useful information in the list at this link.

Howjsay: the Online Pronunciation Dictionary

Web based pronunciation dictionary that can help you with many pronunciations. Type in any English word (or saying) and listen to how it should be pronounced. Mouse over the search results to hear them pronounced. Screen reader users click on the button that appears after you enter your word or saying. Each word is individually pre-recorded and no form of synthetic speech is used. Site offers both American and British versions.

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Revised APH Signature Guide

Many agencies that provide aids and services for people who are blind or visually impaired offer signature guides. These are metal, plastic or cardboard frames that are laid down, usually by a sighted person, to place a boundary around an area in which the blind person must place his/her signature. If a blind person finds himself/herself in the position of needing to sign a name in a precise location without a signature guide available, a straight edge, such as a ruler, an index card, or a credit card edge can be placed below the line, so its edge can be felt and followed. Still another technique is to crease the document to be signed along the signature line. The ridge of the crease should face upward to make it easy to follow.APH Signature GuideAids people who are visually impaired in writing their signatures. Small, pocket-size frame has an opening with an elastic band. The band provides a guide for writing and flexes to allow for the descenders of letters.Revised guide is made o…