Talking Cash Register for the Blind

We have had many requests and questions about talking cash registers. Questions range from does one exist to why don't more blind and visually impaired people use them?

I'm not sure why they aren't used more by rehab agencies to assist people with employment, but I can tell you that yes, they do exist and here's the description:

Basic Register. 20 departments standard. Inventory control through PLU's and journal reports. Includes discrete keys, voice on/off switch, talking journals, and computer interface capability.

Distributed by CAPTEK/Science Products, 800-888-7400. Manufacturer's Suggested Price $2240.00 plus shipping. Maintenance/Technical Support by the SHARP nationwide dealer network.

Article Source:
American Foundation for the Blind


Thomas Deandre said…
Now I'm looking for some good POS system for blind people in Arkansas. It's is very important and responsible to get this job done.I already find some variant
Please check this company and give me answer.Thanks!

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