Braille Works: Providing Printers That Enable the Blind

Braille, raised dots on paper specially positioned to follow a language system, gives blind people the ability to read and write. Braille documents are created by Braille printers or embossers that produce the raised dots by pushing the paper up with hammers in the pattern dictated by the Braille transcription file.

Braille Works was founded in 1994 and offers a full range of Braille and alternative format transcription products and services. Whether you need a desktop embosser and the Braille software to communicate with clients or an industrial size embosser that can handle large volume jobs, Braille Works can meet the need.

The real magic of braille translation happens when you need to make a user manual intended for the sighted understandable for a blind person. If the manual tells you to press the red button, that does not help the blind user. The text must be interpreted to direct the blind user to where the red button is located without the color reference. Braille Works helps customers meet that challenge.

The company also provides other alternative formats in addition to Braille, including large print, audio recording and electronic or computer accessible formats. New technologies are being developed everyday to assist the blind and visually impaired, and Braille Works is one of the companies working for an accessible future.

Braille Works is dedicated to Braille literacy and making the world a more readable place. Client projects are given careful consideration to make every page easy to read and handle, giving readers the respect and independence they so rightly deserve. From the layout of a Braille document to the brightness of the paper for a large print document or utilizing professional readers for audio projects, the organization strives to meet the needs of client customers with visual and reading impairments. Braille Works consists of top-notch Braille technology and people with Christ-centered standards.

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