Are you having trouble getting students to turn in their homework regularly? This free bulletin board game from TeachNet will solve the problem faster than they can say "the dog ate it."

The game, based on MB's Monopoly, includes a printable game board and Chance Cards; students can choose clip art images or something more tactile to use as game pieces. Simply download and print the 35-inch-square Homeworkopoly game board and assemble it on a classroom bulletin board. Don't forget to label the items in braille for students who are blind. Play the game according to the rules posted at the site. (Note: Only kids who have completed their homework are allowed to play!) The game board is available in two versions, with street names and without. Chance Cards include Sit at the Teacher's Desk, Be First in Line, Get a Homework Pass, and many more. Blank cards allow you to create your own Chance Cards as well. You can print the cards and then braille larger cards for accessibility.

Click this link to get a Homeworkopoly board for your classroom.Entertainment, Recreation, Games, Interaction, Tutorials, Adaptation, Teaching, Teaching aids, Educational aids, Parents, Homework helpers, Web sites


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