Hey Look, It's a Braille Caravan!

This educational toy, made in the USA, consists of 30 goldenrod non-toxic plastic blocks. Each block represents the braille cell, designed with six black pegs that can be manually pushed up or down to form dots 1-6. Using a finger, stylus, or pencil, a young child can easily make letters, works, even whole sentences by manipulating the six dots on each block, and joining them in a "caravan."

This is the perfect tool, built like a toy, to get young blind children acquainted with braille at the earliest age; to introduce braille to a sighted parent in a friendly or non-threatening way; or to help a person who needs to learn braille later in life, even those who may have reduced tactile sensitivity.

Many have discovered that sighted kids also love playing with the blocks and handing them to their braille-reading parents (or grandparents) to check out what they wrote! They did this simply by studying the alphabet chart that comes with each caravan.

In each set, you get 30 "refreshable" braille blocks, a canvas carrying bag, a print Activity Guide, and an English Braille Symbols Chart.

Click this link to purchase the Braille Caravan by Creative Adaptations for Learning from the National Braille Press: http://www.nbp.org/ic/nbp/CARAVAN.html.

If you wish to have the Activity Guide in braille , please call the National Braille Press at 800-548-7323, click this link to email orders@nbp.org. The braille version is free with purchase of the Caravan.


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