Turbo Phonics Kit

Turbo Phonics

Turbo Phonics is a computer-based, phonemic awareness and phonics program for young students who are preparing to develop reading skills. This program has been specially designed for students who have low vision, but students with typical vision may successfully use the program. Exciting racecar sounds, racing graphics, and student-friendly interface make Turbo Phonics loads of fun when learning to read.

Student performance is tracked in a self-contained database that the teacher may access at any time. The program identifies skills in which the student may need further practice.

This program provides students with simple, high contrast graphics, audio reinforcement, and excitement throughout the interactive program. Students will love Turbo Phonics! Join Elaine Kitchel's 'Guided Tour' at: www.aph.org/webcast


  • CD-ROM with Turbo Phonics program
  • Teacher's Guidebooks in enhanced print and braille
  • One Student Activity Book (this is consumable, additional activity books available separately)
  • CD-ROM with guidebook/activity book files for accessibility
Turbo Phonics Software:
Catalog Number: D-00100-00

Replacement Items

Turbo Phonics Student Activity Book (Pack of 5):
Catalog Number: 7-00100-01

Turbo Phonics Teacher's Guidebook:
  • Enhanced Print (includes CD-ROM of accessible files):
    Catalog Number: 7-00100-00
  • Braille (includes CD-ROM of accessible files):
    Catalog Number: 5-00100-00
Click this link to purchase the Turbo Phonics Kit.

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Click this link to watch Turbo Phonics, with Elaine Kitchel


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