US Home Loans for People with Disabilities and Seniors

For people who have a disability and those with low income, finding a home loan can be a daunting task. Owning your own home is considered a fundamental right by most people, a natural progression into the world of independent living.

One in three Americans living with disabilities lives below or at the poverty level. That makes millions of people with disabilities living under socially and financially acceptable conditions.

Disabled World is trying to make finding a reputable home loan lender a little easier by listing both government public and private institutions that lend money for home purchases and down payment loans to people with disabilities and very low income earners. They have created a list of national, state, and local programs that offer mortgage assistance and other types of housing aid to help better serve those with disabilities. There are a number of organizations listed that can provide guidance and information about buying a home. Click this link to visit Disabled World's >First home owners guide to mortgages page. Helps People Find Needed Benefits

From the site:

"The disABLED have many needs which challenge their lives. People with disabilities face financial needs, mobility issues, lack of quality housing, as well as struggling with prescription medicine costs. There is help available. Government disability benefits, assistive technology devices, and special housing funds are all benefits which are available to the disABLED. I'll help you find those benefits."

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