Closet Garment Rail with Light

Have you ever been met with the comment "Closet lights out?" when you have shown up at work or at some party?. Neither have I, but there must be something behind this, since it's almost a saying. The idea as far as I know, is to make a friendly comment to a person's lack of clothes coordination and style. If the closet light is out, it's difficult to find matching clothes, unless you're totally blind. This lack of coordination can be caused by other things, for instance being fashion illiterate, in such a case this invention will not help, but for everybody else who lacks cool lighting in their closets, here's a product that is both smart and stylish.

The illuminated garment rail creates attractive lighting inside of closets. Illuminating the closet's interior offers practical convenience. This rail uses LED light, which has the advantages of low heat build-up, long life, constant light output, robustness and minimum spatial requirements. Because "Lite inside" is battery operated, the cordless lighting is quick and easy to install, and can be retrofitted by the end user. The garment/coat rail is available in different lengths to meet individual needs.

The light in the garment rail makes it easier to see clothes inside the closet. After a short time, the light automatically switches itself off again.

Click this link to learn more about the Lite Inside illuminated garment rail from Hettich International.


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