Portible Assistive Technology

It seems that everyone has a thumb drive these days. The drives come in every shape and size one could think of, you never know when you might be looking right at one and not realize it. Not only are these drives used for storing personal files like MP3 music or family photos, but they can be used to run software. Both JAWS and the free NVDA screen reader have portible versions so you can have speech on any computer.

The AccessApps Website consists of over fifty assistive technology applications which can be used from a USB thumb drive. AccessApps provides a range of e-learning solutions to support writing, reading and planning as well as visual and mobility difficulties.

Click this link to visit the AccessApps website.


Martin Hawksey said…
Thanks for highlight AccessApps. We are planning to review the application we include on AccessApps early in the new year (top of the list is NVDA). We welcome any comments and suggestions your community has. You can contact us via the AccessApps website.

Many thanks,

JISC RSC Scotland N&E

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