Accessible Breast Cancer Information

The National Braille Press is offering free copies (in braille or PortaBook) of the American Cancer Society booklet, For Women Facing Breast Cancer. The publication covers mammograms, biopsies, cancer staging, treatment options, and breast reconstruction as well as how to join clinical trials and where to find emotional support.

Each section includes a list of questions that individuals might want to ask their doctor or nurse. Copies are limited to one per customer

NBP has other health-related braille publications, including:

  • After Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer, free
  • Menopause Guidebook, free
  • Simple Ways to Control Your Weight
  • Atkins Carbohydrate Gram Counter
  • Diabetes Cookbook: Desserts

NPB also offers a free four-week trial of Syndicated Columnists Weekly, a braille magazine that includes columns and editorials print and online newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post. You can download a free sample (text or braille) on the National Braille Press website:


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